Jancis Robinson, The Financial Times

"Riveting....[Mustacich has] a deep understanding of the wildly differing but now heavily entwined cultures of Bordeaux and China."

Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

Taylor Weidman/Getty Images


Nic cavell, The new REPUBLIC

“As a wine correspondent in Bordeaux for the past decade, Mustacich has compiled an impressive amount of research on the product’s global flow, recording comments from both tight-lipped châteaux owners and Chinese businessmen.”

Jamil ANderlini, the Financial times

"There is a general rule these days when it comes to books about China — if it has “dragon” in the title it is probably hastily written by someone trying to get on the China bandwagon and not worth reading.

This book is an exception to that rule.

Journalist Suzanne Mustacich’s deep research and numerous interviews allow her to provide a fascinating account of how China’s ever-growing influence has wreaked havoc on a faraway corner of the world."